Andrew Terry - Freelance Writer |  Marketer | Cool Guy
Andrew Terry - Freelance Writer | Marketer | Cool Guy

I write to create, to build, and to promote YOU! Whether you are a business, non-profit, or a publication I want to write your story!

Freelance Writing & Marketing for the Greater Detroit Area

Are you a business who needs to drive customers to your website, storefront, or social media? What I write for businesses include sales copy, ad copy, email campaigns, direct mail, blog posts, social media posts and ads, press releases. Each writing is catered to your ideal customer using the best media. My writing will get you new customers, help you to keep your current customers, and keep them coming back!

Are you a non-profit looking for greater awareness for your cause? What I create for non-profits include fundraising letters, email campaigns, list building campaigns, direct mailings, social media platforms. My work is tailored to your brand to tell your story to the world. My writing will build more awareness for your cause to increase your revenue so that you can keep making the world a better place.

Are you a publication looking for great quality content for your magazine, journal, or blog? Content marketing is what drives the print and online publications. Great content is needed to drive customers to your publication to get the information they need. My work is readable, relatable, and reliable. It will keep customers coming to your publication time after time driving up your engagement and ad revenue.